how to say the end

It’s been a week since I have returned home, and I could not be happier to be back to my old, routine ways.  At times though, I still think back to all of the preparation, anticipation, and adventures I experienced surrounding my time abroad.

The purpose of this blog was to not only provide a resource for students from my university who were interested in studying in Sweden, but also to keep my friends and family updated about how I was spending my time, and the new experiences I was facing while away.  And now that my time in Sweden is over, this blog is also over.

I once again would like to thank my parents for allowing me to go abroad and assimilate myself in an entirely different world.  A lot of people would probably think I am off my rocker for moving across the world my first time leaving home.  Sometimes I think I was a little nutty myself.  But, without the experiences I had I would not be the person that I have grown into, nor would I have developed the opinions and attitudes that I did.

Sweden will always be an important part of my life.  Even if their pickled herring is less than desirable.



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Necklace made from egg shells

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riga – stockholm

Riga 15 Riga 14 Riga 13 Riga 12 Riga 11 Riga 10Riga 16 Riga 19 Riga 18 Riga 17 Riga 20Riga 21

parnu – sigulda – riga

Sigulda 3 Sigulda Sigulda 2 Sigulda 4

Chocolate eclair – just for you pops!

Sigulda 5 Sigulda 6 Riga Riga 2 Riga 3

Everyone gave me their desserts 😀 (Rowdy German to the left to the left…)

Riga 4 Riga 5 Riga 7 Riga 6 Riga 8

tallinn – parnu

Maria Maria 2 Maria 3 Maria 4 Maria 11 Maria 5 Maria 6Maria 7Maria 8 Maria 9 Maria 10



Tallinn 2 Tallinn 3 Tallinn 4 Tallinn 5 Tallinn 6 Tallinn 7 Tallinn 8

Can you spot the embedded cannons?

Tallinn 9 Tallinn 14 Tallinn 13 Tallinn 12 Tallinn 11Tallinn 15 Tallinn 17 Tallinn 16 Tallinn 18 Tallinn 19

Leave it to someone else to take a blurry photo… although probably for the better

Tallinn 20 Tallinn 21 Tallinn 22

oslo – stockholm – helsinki – tallinn

Oslo Airport Oslo Airport 2Oslo Airport 3 Stockholm 1Finland Finland 2 Finland 3Finland 4 Finland 5 Finland 6 Finland 7 Finland 8 Finland 9Finland 10

Get it?

Finland 11 Tallinn

I Spy an Angela…