student interaction day

Today at Lindenhallen there was the Student Interaction Day which was where people could sign up to represent their country and basically show whatever they wanted from it to help people better understand what they feel their country represents.  A lot of people had photos, food, games, pictures, money, and clothes, among other things.

I was able to go at the tail end of it on my lunch break, and luckily it was still in full swing when I went.  Here are a few photos, so enjoy.

My name in Korean!

Nick enjoying some Korean food

The U.S. was a little lame… not going to lie

Happy Italians!  Did you know that Nutella is from Italy?


Cool cardboard cutout thingy ma jiggy

Oui oui mon amie

How gorgeous is that dancer and her outfit!

The mass!

There were several other countries that I didn’t get photos of, like France for example who had everyone wearing cute little striped shirts.  Surprisingly there was not a German table, especially considering the some hundred or two Germans that are here right now.  It was fun to see a bunch of different exchange students and what they had from home… because of course if you’re Japan you aren’t going to study abroad without leaving your origami cranes at home!  That would just be not right.

By the way, three cheers for this being my 100th post!  Hip hip hooray!


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