going bazoinkers

It’s almost 10:30 at night here and there is a serious party happening right outside my door.  Today I had such a long day, from class registration and taking a nutrition exam online, to two gym sessions, three hours of solving chemical equations, and baking a loaf of cinnamon sugar quick bread (okay, that was the fun part).  And tonight I was so looking forward to relaxing – which apparently is not going to happen.

By the way, some drunk fool just slammed right into my door.  Glad I wasn’t planning on trying to sleep at this time.

Call me old fashioned, lame, party pooper, a complainer, whatever – but it feels like such an invasion of space, especially when you are not in the mood to deal with all of this ruckus.  Additionally, people are smoking in the corridor/kitchen and it is seeping into my room.  I tried to put my towel at the base of the door to try and block some of the smoke but it doesn’t seem to be working and it is making me feel sick.

There is this “mega party” happening tonight that some people are hosting in the basement of one of the buildings here in Alidhem, so maybe I will luck out and these party goers will be leaving soon to go to that.

I’m pretty sure Gabe was involved with this somehow.  When he drinks he is just so obnoxiously loud.  If it were me, I would at least tell my corridor mates that I was having a party – everyone deserves a fair warning!  I can’t even go into the kitchen to wash my dishes.

Don’t these people know I have a 10 a.m. gym session I want to get to tomorrow!  I guess I will just have to finish off the night with a few solid hours of Pinterest.



2 responses to “going bazoinkers

  • Barb

    You poor thing. Some people don’t understand that a fun night is going to bed at 8. Miss seeing you. You should just come home.

    • abroadinumea

      Hahaha. I know right! Who are these people anyways staying up all hours of the night! But I am just a homebody 🙂 And don’t you worry Barb! I will be back at the gym in no time… you can count on it! 🙂 Miss you tons!

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