the agony of spring class registration

I have commented before how much I disagree with the way ISU does their class registration, with having it it open at 12 a.m. for students and all.  Here, however, that worked to my advantage with the 8 hour time difference.  The day you can register for your classes depends on how many credits you have taken so far, for example, this week seniors could register on Monday, Juniors on Wednesday, and Sophomores on Friday.  The lonely freshman had to wait clear until next Monday to register, but most of their courses aren’t particularly competitive.

One nice feature about registering online though is that you can monitor how many spots have been taken in a particular class, and, if necessary, make changes to your own schedule accordingly.  For the spring semester I was wanting to sign up for Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology + Lab, Psychology, and Macroeconomics.  It’s only one credit above full time, but with courses like Stats and A+P, I would rather take less credits and be able to do well in these more challenging courses.  Challenging for me, anyways.

All the good times for A+P Lab got booked quickly (no surprise), and the next available lab section that I wanted to get into only had 10 spots remaining as of this morning when I got online… a whole fifteen minutes before registration even opened.  I just knew I had to be quick with my fingers to type and submit the courses that I wanted, because one of those 10 spots was going to be mine.

Greedy, course hungry student on the prowl.

As soon as my computer stopped saying “You are not permitted to register at this time” it was on.  I submitted my course information and then my computer did the little spinning circle on top of the web browser like it knows that the system is probably being overloaded with its ability to process all the information that is being sent across its network, but BengalWeb perservered for me and I got all of the courses that I wanted!  Although… if one of the A+P Labs opens up I may just try and transfer into one of those instead, but for now I am satisfied.

I know this sounds pretty lame, but I could have made my schedule to where I would have only been going to class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which would have been nice to have two days off, but I wanted to be able to go to Tabata Intervals and Pilates on the mornings of these days which means it looks like I’ll have to drive clear across town for one class.

Or maybe I’ll be inspired to ride my bike, once the snow clears away of course.

A note on the professors I have: checking the online website Rate My Professor is pretty much a no brainer for me.  I was originally going to take math from a woman named Linda Alexander (I don’t know, maybe you know her/had her), but reworked my schedule so that my classes run consecutively.  I ended up with a teacher named Jason Reed, who I have heard is one of the best math teachers at ISU, and it also drop dead handsome.  He got a chili pepper next to his name online.  Jackpot.  I am a little concerned about the professor who teachers A+P, but everyone online says that if you really want to learn the material, then Shawn Bearden is the person to take this course from.  The other professor is supposed to be a lot easier.  And, with consideration to what I want to do as my career (Physical Therapy), I think I would be much better off actually understanding something as crucial as A+P.

I love how this is like shopping for a professor… so helpful!

I am finished with all the Dietetics related pre-requisites for now, but could have signed up for some more advanced courses related to this major.  It’s hard to believe I only have only two or three more pre-requisites to finish before entering the Didactic Program in Dietetics.  Time sure has flown by!


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