monday funday

Normally I loathe Mondays…

If you couldn’t tell I am obsessed with these ecards.  I think they are so funny.

Anyways, normally I am not a fan of Mondays for a variety of reasons, but today’s Monday was not so bad.  My morning started off the same as every other morning, meaning with a shower and a bowl of strawberry oatmeal (wow, dream big!), but then I went to the gym to participate in Cykel (Cycle, Spinning) 40 because it was the “One Last Tour” class – which only means the instructor played Swedish House Mafia music.  There were so many people though!  I have never been to a class that has been so packed with people – almost 80 people (maximum number allowed for spinning) were there!

Unfortunately I did have to leave about five minutes early so that I could get to my first lab on time.  I always think chemistry labs are fun, but then again this probably stems from my freshman year in chemistry when I had probably the best lab partner I could ask for as well as the most zany chemistry teacher.  Good ole’ Mrs. Durfee.  I will never forget you or your emerald green eyeliner.

Even though this lab was really basic and involved calibrating pipettes, flasks, and doing a little bit of statistics, we still had to wear lab coats and goggles.  I hate the goggles!  The lab coats were kind of fun though, even though most of them had questionable stains and holes in them.  Of course I couldn’t help but think some very dangerous acid had gotten on my lab coat and burned a hole in it, but it was probably just from wear and tear.

I worked with a girl named Alexandra who was very nice and helpful, and was very patient in explaining the statistical portion of the lab assignment because I have no idea what standard deviation meant before this class.

But now I do… and can impress the heck out of my professor next semester.  Oh yeah, baby.

After we finished the lab I biked over to the international office to see if I could still snag a ticket for a Christmas party that is being held on the 7th of December at Corona.  I am a little embarrassed to say that I have not been to this nightclub yet, so hopefully after that I can provide future students with a good review!

The party consists of dinner – yes I will probably eat something beforehand if it is anything like our Welcome Reception – and according to the information I was given, we will have some fun tasks to do while there and also sing some Christmas songs.  At 10 p.m. is the beginning of the International Pub which will also be the last International Pub for the semester.  Everyone is also supposed to dress up in “fancy” attire.

Iwan also let me know today that his friend who is studying in Lund, which is located in the very southern part of Sweden near Denmark, will be joining us on our excursion to Oslo when we go there in December!  I always think the more the merrier.


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