i feel like i want to do a little boogy

FINALLY!  I just submitted my final (and basically only) assignment for my Culture and Media in Sweden course.  The assignment was to write an essay based on a number of questions, so it wasn’t terribly difficult, just time consuming considering I didn’t read a fair portion of the lecture material.

I couldn’t help that though… there were some serious book hogs in this class!

It just feels so good to have one class finally done.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Also with this course it is only possible to pass or pass with distinction – and I will be happy with either.  (BTW Omar – how does the grading system here correspond with our letter grades back home?)

A few days ago when I was Skyping with my mom she surprised me with the idea of coming home for Thanksgiving if the flight prices were reasonable.  Unfortunately, the cheapest round trip fare was still around $900 so that plan was quickly extinguished.  Thanksgiving this year is going to be held at my aunt’s house though, and she just added me on Skype so I will be able to talk to my family a little bit before/during dinner.  I really wish I could be there – not only to see my family and stuff my face, but to also play with all the animals that are going to be there.  My aunt has so many dogs and cats… ah, j’adore!

I also think my lab partner is going to start coming to my group’s assistant hours because her lab assistants aren’t very good, and they don’t even seem like they want to be in lab or in assistant hours.  Tomorrow Philipp is holding an extra study session for my group to work on equations to hopefully prepare us for the dugga (partial exam) and I think Alexandra is going to try and make it that.  Good for her, I say!

Anyways, that is about all for now!


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