in honor of my main method of transportation

I really like my bicycle, even though when I ride it I feel a little self conscious because of the huge advertisement on the side and back of the bike.  Riding a bike such as this one does have its perks though.  I can always find it in a sea of bikes because of the advertisements, and I also think people are less inclined to steal it because, well, it’s a little more obvious than everyone else’s bikes.

This photo was taken around 3, but came out a little darker than it actually was outside at the time.  It is definitely dark by 3:30 p.m. though.  SCARY!

And I know it may be hard to believe that here I am, way up in northern Sweden and there is not even snow on the ground.  I don’t exactly know what to make of this because on the one hand I am enjoying not having to ride my bike in the snow, but then again it feels a little unacceptable at the same time.

But in the meantime I will appreciate it not being snowy, because once it gets to be -30 C I won’t be saying it’s as lovely.

Also hard to believe, but in exactly one month I will be leaving Umea, Sweden forpossiblyever. 

En månad fler, människor!  (One month more, people!)


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