excursions on the laplands tour

I just got an email notifying me of some optional excursions that people can partake in on the Laplands Tour which I am going on in December.  Honestly, I am a little anxious for this tour because I don’t know anyone else who is going, even though the entire tour is booked full.  It’s just that I keep thinking to myself, okay, who am I going to be rooming with, who will I eat with, among other things.  I need to get over this insecurity though because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to make the best of it.

There were four options for excursions, but two of the options were at the same time on the same day, so only one of them could be booked (if desired).  The three options I chose included a combination excursion of dog sledding and snow mobiling, cross country skiing in Abisko National Park, and going on a tour of one of the world’s largest iron ore mines.

The other option was ice climbing, but I wasn’t interested in this because there was a disclaimer stating that this activity only takes place if there is enough naturally frozen ice at the time.  Jill = not that much of a risk taker.

In total, these three excursions cost a little under $300.00 USD (annoying much that they aren’t included in the original fee), so it is a little spendy, but then again, when will I have this opportunity again?  Most likely never.


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