daily vlog… minus the video

For those of you born before the year 1985, the term “vlog” refers to video blogging, and if I had a Youtube channel or something, this would be my daily vlog.  However I don’t, so you get to read my thoughts and opinions instead of listening to them.

First of all, do you remember me commenting on the Swede’s abilities to multi task while bike riding?  Well, I just saw this concept on a whole new level a few days ago when I saw a man riding a bike and pushing a stroller at the same time.  That would take skills beyond coordination.  I felt like I wanted his autograph or something.

At IKSU I have also encountered my fair share of unkempt women if you know what I mean.  And if you don’t, it basically means that they ain’t got no Schick Quatro for Women in their showers.  Seriously, this is the 21st Century, and we are not, I repeat NOT living in the Stoneage.  I don’t care if women don’t shave their legs, because let’s be honest it is winter, but not shaving your armpits is just not okay.  Once in Spinning there was a woman two rows in front of me with arm pit hair so long I could measure it to be at least an inch long, and today in Yoga there was a woman doing a backbend right in front of me, flashing her overgrown pits like it was nobody’s business.  She made it my business though, and I was seriously disturbed.

Before coming to Sweden, I had all of these thoughts about traveling around Europe and seeing as much as I could while I was here, but actually, I could not think more the contrary now.  Take my friend Lindsay for example: while here she has visited Budapest, Amsterdam, Berlin, Finland, etc. and will be traveling to Italy and Australia over Christmas break.  But for most of these places she has only spent a weekend in.  Of course it is “cool” to say you have been to so many countries, but for me, I would like to experience more of the culture that Europe has to offer instead of just looking at buildings and bragging that I have been so many places.  With this in mind, I am trying to focus more on integrating myself into Swedish culture – because that is truly what this experience is about.

Yesterday I bought a box of “fullkorn” bulgur, which the USDA recognizes as a whole grain in case you were wondering.  I cooked some of it up tonight and my oh my was it delicious!  If you like things like pasta, rice, or couscous then you will probably like bulgur as well.  It has a hearty consistency and accompanies fall/winter dishes well like stews and soups.  I happened to have mine in a tomato based bean and vegetable “chili” which was more like a soup.

I was hungry… don’t judge me…

This also reminds me, almost every meal that I consume at “home” is eaten in either this bowl or a purple bowl which you may have seen in other photos.  Why do I eat everything in a bowl now?  I’m not entirely sure…

By the way, do you see that darkish spot at the very bottom of the photo, in the middle of the frame?  That is a curling iron burn on the top of my desk.  I think it makes the wood look a little more authentic though.  Don’t you think?

Over the weekend I also went downtown to buy a few necessities and pick up some souvenirs.  In one of the shops I saw this…

And really wanted to buy this Jolly Santa.  Christmas has arrived in Umea, well actually it arrived a few weeks ago, but it is definitely in full swing now.  It’s actually kind of nice going downtown on the weekends because the city centre is just a bustlin’ with people.  I’m glad someone’s economy can thrive.

We got a new lecturer for Chemistry today.  He is clearly from Germany and has the heaviest German accent.  The entire class period I was just concentrating on what he was trying to pronounce.  We are currently studying thermo chemistry and energy and during the lecture he managed to go from cooking pasta, to climbing a mountain in Sweden, to cars and car engines, pressure cookers, geo engineers, and something called artificial leaf.  He was a little all over the place, to say the least.  But no worries, I hung in there like a champion with three cups of coffee.

And finally, I JUST found refried beans at ICA.  I am still on the hunt for pinto beans, but finding refried beans for me was monumental.  I think they are just plain yummy!  Although the last time I think I had them was when I had my wisdom teeth out over the summer… and my mom pureed them… but nonetheless.  You would not believe how many people ask me if I am a vegetarian.  And to be honest… most days I feel pretty darn close to one.

Anywaysss… I think that’s about all for now, folks!


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