out with the old, in with the new

A few weeks ago one of my roommates moved out.  I would not have realized this unless I noticed his empty room as I walked past it one day when there were painters in it.  I was actually a little disappointed, because I was curious as to what his room looked like.  Actually, I am curious as to what everyone´s rooms look like.

At the moment I am also typing on my lab partners´ computer, so if for some reason there is an obscure symbol, it´s because my fingers are not used to navigating around a Swedish keyboard.

ö ä Ö Ä µ € ¤ £ … for example.  Wheee that was fun.

This roommated, whose name is Niklas, was standoffish as is, so I was not particularly troubled by his leaving.  He could have at least said goodbye though.  It was only a few weeks later that we got a replacement roommate, whose name is Henrik.

Seriously, could these names be any more Swedish?

Henrik told me he has been living in Spain for the past several years, but decided to return to Umea to continue with his studies.  Great, I thought, another trilingual person.

Whenever I pass by his room, which is one of the rooms located next to the door, I always hear very loud, club-like music playing.  I have to wonder if this bothers Alina, whose room is right next to his.  Sometimes I can hear Jasmine (German foreign exchange student) Skyping, but I think in general Germans are kind of loud…



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