making a tough decision

After much time and consideration, I have decided to drop the Fundamentals of Chemistry course I have been enrolled in.  The pace of study for this course was just too overwhelming for me, and I was beginning to neglect my other courses because there was just not time to fit them in.

For example: on Monday, Alexandra and I spent three hours in lecture, then spent four hours working on a lab report – and this was an easy day, comparatively.

I’ll also be honest with you guys, on the first “dugga” or partial examination I only got 2 points out of 15 possible points.  I didn’t just bomb that quiz, I massacred it.

I guess I am just more comfortable with studying this type of material over a longer period of time, so that I can fully understand everything that I am learning.  What’s the point of taking a course here if I am just going to rush through it and not retain much of the information?

It’s disappointing of course because this is one of the only courses I was to be taking here that actually applied to my major, but considering the fact I will most likely be in university for at least seven more years, I’ll have the chance to make up this chemistry course somewhere along the way.

I hope.

At leas with this decision I will be able to enjoy the rest of my time here, and not have to put up with any more skin rashes, upset stomachs, or sleepless nights stressing about everything I am not learning.  (That may be TMI, but my body reacts severely to stress.)

Tomorrow will be my first day back at my coaching course, and I’m really looking forward to it and seeing everyone again.  Plus, I think they have been studying aerobics!  Where did I put my leotard again?



3 responses to “making a tough decision

  • chris phillips

    Good call on dropping the chemistry class! BTW, I also react physically to stress, with stomach pain/nausea, skin rashes and poor sleep. Either it runs in our family, or it comes with being OCD.

    Uhh…you wear a leotard?

    • abroadinumea

      Nothing is worth that amount of stress! Unless it involved planning a fabulous wedding to Ethan ❤

      Hahaha. I don't wear a leotard! At least not anymore. Maybe when I was five and had not gone through puberty yet. Perhaps I'll go for some leg warmers and a sweatband. Jazzersize, baby!

  • Aunt Karen

    I agree, good decision to drop the class. You can take it at ISU – hopefully in un-accented English – and understand it all the better for having studied so hard during the past few weeks.

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