either they put butter in the snow here or my uggs just suck

Whitewash 2

My room faces the other side of the building, but this just shows our little “compound” with a few other buildings


As you can see, this weather was a complete whiteout – no joke!

This is the slipperiest snow I think I have ever had the pleasure of trying to walk across.  I don’t know what it is about it, maybe it’s because I have yet to see any salt laid down, but it is so darn slippery!  Thankfully I haven’t fallen on my face quite yet.

Funny though, before it started to snow I kept thinking to myself someone should introduce Umea to street sweepers.  Never before have I had so many rocks in my shoes from walking!  But now that it has pounded down all this snow (at least 8+ inches in just one day) those rocks are loooong gone.

The snow here was relentless.  I went out on Friday night and it was lightly snowing most of the day, and then it really picked up as the night went on.  Not to mention there were 30+ mph winds.  You walk outside for more than five minutes and it looked like slap cheek.  If we were all babies, of course.  It snowed all night on Friday, all day and night Saturday, and finally let up a little today.

Saturday was the worst though because the snow removal people were definitely lacking off, and I had to tromp through some mighty deep, puffy powder just to make it over to ICA.  The above photos were taken Saturday afternoon.

That’s another thing – this is the first weekend I have been feeling pretty under the weather since being here.  I stayed out late on Friday, woke up early on Saturday to workout, then had a terrible sore throat the rest of the day.  I woke up again today with the same sore throat.  Saturday night I treated myself to some much needed R&R, and feasted on some scrumptious, hot soup, a Magnum Mini ice cream bar, and the entire first season of Pretty Little Liars.  Perfect.

Unfortunately I did end up missing a buddy group fika today because I was feeling so lousy.  If you remember the post I made about our first fika (the one where I ate four cinnamon buns), well, this fika was at the same place, and the same girl who made those buns was also making some homemade saffron buns – very Swedish and Christmasey.


Maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t feeling good – probably saved me gaining three pounds.

There are two Christmas events coming up – same event, different nights – at the Umea church downtown.  The first event was tonight and the next one is on the 11th.  There is a four part choir that has about 85 members who will be singing Christmas carols and various songs for a few hours.  Iwan and I were wanting to go tonight, but since I became sick and he thought it better for him to study for his exams, we are going to try and go on the 11th.  This is also the night I leave for the Laplands, but that isn’t until 10 p.m.


Here was Iwan and I at a party this weekend (he doesn’t really have that stache so don’t worry)

Today when I was stocking up on my weekly grocery essentials, I ran into Philipp, the guy who was my chemistry assistant.  I’ll be honest, it was pretty awkward talking to him.  He had emailed me just the day before I withdrew from the class saying that I shouldn’t give up and that we would work through this, and I agreed with him.  Whoooops.  The more I thought about it through, however, I just decided it wasn’t for me.  I’m not one to give up on things easily, but sometimes you just have to do what is best for you.


By the way, I wasn’t kidding about getting rashes from stress.  And after looking at this photo I think I need to do like… 100000 pushups


They probably won’t be using those anytime soon…


Coming up on the 7th is also our last international pub as well as a Christmas party at Corona.  It should be quite fun and I am really looking forward to it.  Until then, listen to this cool house song by the band Sandro Silva & Quintino.  A guy I met from the party this weekend sent me the video.  I had been wanting to know the artist for months!  This is a great song for spinning!

Hard to believe it is December already!  Wish I could be home to partake in all the Christmas festivities!


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