official lapland agenda


Aurora Borealis in Abisko National Park (when I go it better be as cool as this)

Lapland Express from Umea

I got an email from Scanbalt Experience today with a more detailed description of my upcoming trip to the Laplands!  My roommate Jasmine just got back from the November trip, but I haven’t gotten to pick her brain much about it.  She did tell me that the Northern Lights were amazing though, so I am really looking forward to finally getting to see them.

I am not, I repeat not, leaving Sweden until I see me some Northern Lights!

If you want to check out the PDF that I was sent, click on the above link.  I think I might need to hit the town this week and buy me some sort of face mask, the temperature in Kiruna is in the negative digits, and the temperature in Abisko National Park is close enough to that.  Burrrrr!  After all though, this is subarctic territory… that I will be going to in the middle of Winter… am I crazy?

Also, in previous posts I may have said this trip goes from the 11th – 14th, but actually it goes until the 15th.  More correctly would be to say the 16th because we are supposed to be getting back in Umea at midnight (I wonder how late the buses run?).


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