telephone for sale

For students that will be abroad for the spring 2013 semester, chances are some, if not all of you, will be in need of a phone while you are here.  Of course it is highly possible to go an entire semester without said mobile device, but for convenience purposes I would recommend getting a phone.

With this in mind, I am willing to sell my phone at a much lower price than what I bought it for.


It is a Samsung flip phone in the color “romantic pink” and it cost me a whopping $50.00 USD for this 90’s throwback.  That price did not even include the pay-as-you-go memory which I bought in 100 SEK increments.

(BTW – this was the absolute cheapest phone I could get, so don’t get your hopes up on anything much better.)

Currently the phone still has some money left on it, about 25 SEK.  If someone does want this phone, I would be willing to put on another 100 SEK for the next person just to get them ready.  No fuss no muss.  Of course, this would factor in to the final sale price.

I will be bringing this as well as the charger back with me to the States and I could hand it off to one of you back home if anyone is interested.  If not, this phone will probably be donated to charity or to one of the cell phones for soldiers programs.

Please let me know.  First come first serve.

Tack så mycket!


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