a preview of what is to come…


Dog sledding!  (Realized that whoever took this picture only got a person’s butt in the background and no dogs… sooo had to crop it)

Kiruna 2

GIANT tire from the Kiruna Iron Ore Mine called KLAB.  These tires have to be replaced every 6 months and cost 10,000 euros.  That’s over $13,000 USD!

Kiruna 3

Not photo shopped.  This was literally how the day looked most of the day.  Here in northern Sweden we are experiencing “polar nights” which means the sun does not come out at all.  The northern regions located around the Arctic Circle experience this phenomenon during the last three weeks of the year.

Sidenote: I am sharing a hostel room with a guy I knew from my Swedish culture class and his girlfriend.  When I signed up to share a room with them I did not know they were a couple.

We walk into the room earlier today:

Me:  Okay you guys, which bed do you want?

Him:  Oh it doesn’t matter, we will share a bed anyways.

Wow.  Not awkward at all.  These are freaking twin beds and bunk beds.  SO SMALL.  If it was me I’d be like, “Love you hun, but let’s get real…”

Also, Europeans are just way too comfortable with themselves.  My roommies just got in from making dinner and lounging in the kitchen area (I was finishing off season two of PLL) when all of a sudden my guy roommate starts undressing and strips down naked to his underwear.  AND THEN he casually starts talking to me about the dinner I had with three girls from The Netherlands who are studying in Upsalla.  While still just standing there… in his gray boxer briefs… like it ain’t nobody’s business.

Is it too late to get a different room assignment for Abisko?

the clouds had better start clearing away because I am not freezing my hiney in the Arctic Circle without seeing some Northern Lights.  Please God, blow away the clouds.  Even for just a peak.

Stay tuned for more on my adventure in the Laplands.

P.S. -8 degrees F today.


2 responses to “a preview of what is to come…

  • lisa103064

    The dog sledding pictue you can see the dogs butt…..hahahahaha. I bet the guy just wanted you to be impressed 🙂 Sounds like you are having lots of fun and a have a great experience, Can’t wait to see you when you are back next year, which is just around the corner

  • Chris Olson Phillips

    LOL…LOL… Remind me to tell you the story of the guy in his briefs when I went to college in New York. I reeeaally embarrassed myself, haha.

    Sounds like you’re having a fun and very memorable time! (I would so LOVE to go dog sledding. Anything to spend time with dogs 🙂 )

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