what i’ve been staying busy with

Currently I am sitting in the library working on an examination that I am completing to make up for missing another “compulsory” seminar while I was in the Laplands.  It shouldn’t be too bad though – all I have to do is read a couple of articles on sports and disabilities and write a reflection on what I read.  I am a little distracted though by the guy across the room who is eating something that smells delicious.  What?  It’s lunch time and all I had was a banana.

There is a room in the library that contains all of the literature for the semester.  It can be very useful in some situations, and I know it is a valuable resource for many.  It’s called the red room because there are usually multiple copies of each book, but the ones with the red tape around the spine must stay in the library for all to use.  I donated two textbooks to this collection today: one for my leadership course and the other was my useless chemistry book.  I thought I would give them a better home then the trash.

Yesterday I packed up more of my things, did some laundry, and also started cleaning.  All of the surfaces in my room have to be wiped down, which includes things like the baseboards and inside the desk drawers.  I also returned my bike back to Campus Bikes, and got my 500 SEK deposit back.

While I was doing my laundry I attached one of those “iron on” patches to my backpack.  Even though it’s a little crooked up close I still love the Swedish flag I picked up in Kiruna.  Now a part of Sweden will always be with me… as long as I have this backpack.


I just think that is so cute.

I used the money from my bike to send off a package this morning.  As it turns out, it was cheaper to buy a box for 31 SEK and pay a flat rate of 599 SEK then it was to use the box my mom used for shipping, which would have cost almost 300 SEK more just because of the weight.

The final weight of the box was 9.8 kg or almost 22 pounds!  Unfortunately though, I had a clumsy mishap this morning with the package.


So full it wouldn’t stay shut by itself

As you all remember, I live on the fourth floor of my building, and I also never take the elevator.  I was walking down the stairs, box in the front, backpack (full of my Mac, and two textbooks) in the back.  (I’m sure you know where this is going.)  I made it to the last five steps literally and tripped, falling forward, with the contents of my box flying across the floor.

I was so close to being on flat ground.  God must be punishing me for something… or bored…

That’s not even the worst part, though.  Here I am with 22 pounds of goods strewn all across the floor – gifts for my family members, heavy things that I didn’t want to take in my suitcase, chocolate that is now broken (I checked), and wait for it, tampons.

Yes that’s right, I had used the extra tampons I brought to fill up space so that things wouldn’t jiggle around.  Of course I picked up the tampons first, just in case someone came downstairs.

And to top that all of, I think I may have sprained my wrist a little bit in the fall.  Just what I needed right now!

I picked up everything before anyone came downstairs, and was just lifting the box when I saw someone.  Close call.  I went to the post office and mailed that baby away.  I also love the fact that I mailed it from myself to myself.  Someone who reads that will probably think I am the loneliest person in the world.

These past couple of nights I watched Home Alone 1 & 2.  These Christmas movies never get old, at least to me.  Even though they have the same, general plot, I still enjoy getting a chuckle from these festive movies.  I am sad that I won’t be home for Christmas.

Only three and a half more days until I leave Umea.  Over the next couple of days I will pack more, clean more, pack more, clean more, but beyond that I don’t have any definite plans.  Iwan went to Kiruna and Abisko until Saturday so we can’t even talk about our trip, of which the official agenda I posted last blog post.

It’s probably time to get back to work, er, I mean actually start this examination assignment.

Happy (almost) weekend!


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