tallinn, estonia

Forget Joe.  I had the worst night’s sleep possibly in my entire life thanks to our new roommate, Angela.  I have never known someone to snore so loudly, and in so many different ways before.  Aside from me going to bed “early” and then having to get up later in the night to let the others back into the room, I still only got about 3 hours of sleep.  I even resorted to putting in my iPod earbuds out of sheer desperation (they were supposed to be used for situations of absolute boredom).  Around 2 a.m. or so I had finally had enough and went down to the lobby to see if I could get another room, but sadly every room in the hostel was booked.

I should have brought my blanket down and slept on the sofa in the lobby.  Hmm… maybe I will consider that tonight.

The next morning I was a sourpuss and was cursing like a sailor.  Iwan even said he had never heard me curse before, but all I wanted was a good rest and instead ended up with the worst neck ache of my life and under eye bags.  Not to mention I know have a sore throat that feels like someone used my trachea as their own personal punching bag.

On a better note though, believe me there is one, we got to have breakfast a the buffet located in the “4 star hotel” next door and I had wonderful porrige with jam and hard boiled eggs.  Sounds pretty normal, but after a week of lame, nonexistent breakfasts, it was a feast.  And, we get to eat there again tomorrow.

At 11:00 a.m. the group set out on a walking tour of tallinn.  Dalia, our first tour director, was replaced by another girl named Ana who will be accompanying us on the rest of the trip.  We worked our way through old town, which includes all of the medieval ruins dating back long long ago.  Then we continued into the new town and visited some more recent establishments such as the parliament building and some churches.

I completely wore the wrong socks today and had to end up buying a pair of 100% wool socks at a souvenir shop.  They cost me 12€ but were worth every penny.

The weather in Tallinn is similar to Umea and very humid, which makes the temperature seem that much colder.  It was about twenty degrees today but felt ten less than that due to the humidity – pretty cold to spend the day outside.  With bad socks, nonetheless.  The walking tour lasted about two hours, and after that Kim and I headed to a coffee and chocolate shop that was recommended to him.  Actually, we spent the entire day going off the beaten path, including walking through back streets and eating at places that I would imagine not many tourists would go to.  At this little cafe I ordered a coffee and a cake that was some type of apple cake.  Fika time!

From there we walked to a Russian market which was… interesting.  Needless to say you could buy just about anything here.  Kim got some wool socks, but they aren’t as patriotic looking as mine.  His did cost only 1.50€ though so he gets me there, but, his aren’t 100% wool.

After this we continued walking through the streets of Tallinn, enjoying all of the little shops that the city has to offer.  Kim also bought a beanie, which looks like a sock for your head.  It’s a long hat that has a tail and can be used as a scarf.  I think it makes him look like an elf.

We ate lunch/dinner around 4:00 p.m., but ended up staying there for two hours.  This restaurant was called Elevant, and was located up a winding staircase in a skinny building near the coffee place we ate at earlier.  Kim and I shared a bowl of vegetable soup, and then we each had a curry dish.  Mine was chicken and his was moose.  When it eastern Europe, right?  After this we shared a pot of ginger tea, which is surprisingly good when mixed with honey.  I would definitely recommend steeping it in milk though!  Ginger is so strong.

Kim wanted to visit a secondhand shop that he was told was a neat place to go to, so from the restaurant we walked a good twenty minutes away to this secondhand shop, only to find out it closed at 4:00 p.m.  We made our way back to the downtown area and I bought some jeans on sale because my other pairs are starting to get a little stale from wearing them so much.

All in all it was a good day and I really enjoy Tallinn.  The people are so friendly and it has a very diverse, unique culture.

I am dreading the night to come, but I think I might just have to say something to Angela and whether or not she can do anything about her snoring.

Tomorrow we leave Tallinn and drive to a place in southern Estonia where we will enjoy a sleigh ride and a wood sauna.  Decongestion here I come!


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