well, this is awkward

After another exhausting day of traveling I knew that a good night’s sleep was not only desired, but necessary in order to maintain body function.

When I got up to the room at about 8:00 p.m., Angela was in there and she was the only one.  I thought, it’s now or never.

I started off diplomatically.

To her though, it did not sound so diplomatic.  I was merely asking her if she could do anything about her snoring and explained my sick and lack of sleep situation.  From there it escalated into her going to see if there was another room option.

When she came back from seeing if there was another room (which there was), it was snide comment after comment.  She came back into the room, “Well princess…

Ouch?  Am I supposed to be bothered by the fact you sound like a mongoose on steroids being processed through a blender the size of Montana?  No.

Then she began packing her bags and throwing things around.  She literally threw her suitcase from her bed to the door.  For such a chubby lady she sure is strong when angry.

And then she got in a few more jabs, which by this point I was already fantasizing about what a good night sleep I was going to rest, so I don’t remember them so clearly.

And then she left.


I did feel bad at first.  Of course I did not want to offend her, but if I had a medical condition like that I would get it fixed before anything else.  Or at least warn people I am sharing a room with that I sound like a semi-truck with road-rage instead of a goodnight lullaby.

When the guys got back they asked where she was, and I had to tell them.  They did not say much, although Joe did reply, “Well, at least we can sleep now.”

You could say I am not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking when it comes to certain matters.

I haven’t seen Angela yet this morning, but I am almost certain she has been gossiping about what a bee-otch I am.  But, I don’t really believe in wasting my energy arguing with children who think they are actually adults.

Bus ride to Parnu, Estonia leaves in ten minutes!  Time to go pack my things and head out.  I can’t wait to see this Estonian summer capital!

But tell me, was I out of line?


2 responses to “well, this is awkward

  • Laurie

    No, I don’t think so. You suffered one night without waking her. She must know about her snoring, or she would not have been do defensive. You are also entitled to sleep : / Maybe she got shifted into your room because her other roommates had complained. Poor girl.

  • Chris Olson Phillips

    Not a-tall. All the snorers I’ve shared a room with have been extremely apologetic and even warned me to just reach over and roll them from their back to their side if needed. But seriously, earplugs have literally saved my life sometimes.

    And your mom’s right, the poor girl just doesn’t know what to do with herself.

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