about me

yo yo yiggity yo.

Before I get started and things start sounding a little too formal, let me just say I want this blog to be a resource for those that I know, as well as those that I don’t.  When I began researching about Umea niversity (the location of my study abroad program) it was difficult to find information about it, including things regarding resources, living, travel, social life, school (notice how that one was last), and etc.  Hopefully this blog can provide some insight and entertainment to the application process as well as to my amusing photography, anecdotes and escapades.

Now, first things first, my name is Jill and I attend university in a small town in Idaho, located in America.  My major of study is Dietetics (the scientific understanding of nutrition and its effects on the body) and also Physical Therapy (the treatment of injury, disease, and deformity through less invasive methods of treatment).


I have always wanted to study abroad, and my university offers convenient opportunities to do so through what they call “partner universities or institutions”, which essentially means I pay the same amount of tuition, plus living expenses.  This is not only an economical way to study abroad, but also a safe way because it is guaranteed I will get credit for my courses while away; and with the amount of schooling I will need, every bit counts.

Some people are abroad for very long periods of time, I however am only going for one semester – the Fall of 2012.  Throughout the next half year or so expect an abundance of postings, hopefully enough that by the end of the semester you will no longer be confused about where Umea actually is.  (one hour by plane north of Stockholm… shhh)

As the Swedes say, hej da tills nasta gang.


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